Colorado Crafted Condiments

Taste The Difference


It All Started When

Two friends, Matt and Shane, who both shared a passion for great food  collided while working for a local food manufacturer in Northern Colorado.  Many conversations took place about what makes a great  barbecue sauce.

Over breakfast with some out of town guests, ketchup came up as the topic of discussion. An idea was born !  They both loved great bbq sauce and the foundation of a lot of bbq sauce is ketchup.  "let's make ketchup first"  from there it led to a series of ideas, trial and error batch testing, and purchase of many different kinds of ketchup.

Colorado Catsup was born in 2016 first launching with a traditional catsup, then cocktail sauce and Carolina-style mustard and finally added a collaboration relish with Fort Collins Pickle Co.


Give Great Gifts!

Our trio gift packs feature our traditional catsup, Carolina-style mustard and our collaboration pickle relish with Fort Collins Pickle Co. all sweetened with a touch of Colorado Honey. We wrap it all up in a gift box with a ribbon to make it easy to share the gift of Colorado.


Catsup vs. Ketchup

My whole life, I've always hated ketchup; either it was spelled wrong this whole time, or it was just never made with your recipe. Either way, a friend bought me a bottle of Colorado Catsup for Christmas and I love it!

Shayne Brown